Sarah Sanders: Media spends most of its time pushing ‘false narrative on Russia’

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders criticized the media for devoting most of its time to "pushing a false narrative on Russia" as opposed to the president’s legislative agenda.

"You look at the coverage over the last month of the extended period between May and June, all of the major networks, if you look at their coverage and what they’re talking about, they spent one minute in the evening news cast talking about tax reform, three minutes on infrastructure, five minutes on the economy and jobs, 17 minutes on healthcare, and 353 minutes, 353 minutes attacking the president and pushing a false narrative on Russia," Sanders told reporters during the press briefing Thursday.

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"I mean look at that in comparison. If you guys want to talk about legislative agenda and focus on priorities and policies, you guys get to help set that table," she continued. "And 353 minutes of attacks against the president and driving a false narrative, and one minute on tax reform—that’s over the course of a month. The numbers don’t lie. The media’s focus on priorities, they don’t line up with the rest America."

Sanders went on to argue that since Trump assumed the presidency in January, the "economy is growing, the stock market is up, unemployment is down, jobs are back and ISIS is on the run."

"America is winning, and that’s what we like to talk about, but you guys constantly ignore that narrative," she said.

Sanders was asked whether Trump’s tweets from Thursday morning, in which he criticized MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski’s looks and intelligence, damage attempts to advance his legislative agenda, such as the Senate’s healthcare bill.

But Sanders instead said the media isn’t interested in discussing policy, as evidenced by the time devoted to the investigation into ties between Trump’s campaign associates and Russian officials.

"You can’t say that you want to talk about policy, and then you look at the numbers, they just don’t lie," she said.

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